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Not All I Was Hoping For
by jaggerjack
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Not All I Was Hoping For: An Experience with Ketamine (exp89549)". Aug 4, 2015.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:10 26 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


T+0.00: ~30 mg Ketamine insufflated
T+0.10: ~26 mg Ketamine insufflated (56 mg total)

Age: 18
Weight: 128 lbs
Gender: Male
Prior substance use: Started doing drugs 7 months ago. Marijuana, Alcohol, Kratom, Nitrous, Shrooms, DMT, Salvia, Vicodin, Acid (likely not LSD), 4-Aco-DMT. I had smoked marijuana last night.

I had weighed out 56 mg of very pure Ketamine earlier in the night. I cut it up with a razor and split it into four relatively similar piles. I was using a straw to snort it. I havenít eaten for ~2.5 hours. The reason for this trip is because I have never experience K before, I wanted to feel the odd shift in gravity most people felt. I would like to start low and work up to a K-Hole (depending on how this feels, I might just jump in after that). I used a piece of straw approximately 3 inches long two snort it. My plan is to snort about half and then wait until 10 minutes pass before I snort the rest. I would be doing this with people around but I couldnít find a time and place to do it tonight so I decided to just do it alone.

12.28 (T+0.00): Snorted ~15 mg of Ketamine in each nostril. It stung for a second but I canít feel it now (T+0.01).

T+0.06: I would say Iím feeling it just the tiniest bit, It feels like a few beers. I can taste the drip a bit, it not as bad as the regular taste.

T+0.10: Itís hard to describe right now. I just feel spacey. Snorted the rest and went to my bed to lie down.

[Everything from here on out was written the next day] Getting to the bed was surprisingly hard, I felt unsure on my feet. I turned off the lights and propped myself up because lying flat on my back felt a bit off. Rolling over to put my glasses on the bedside table didnít feel that great. Without my glasses most anything I look at looks like some sort of blob.

Getting the headphones to my head was hard and I managed to put on some Flaming Lips (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots). The music was significantly deeper than usual, it tickled my brain and I could pick out all the individual instruments. With my eyes closed I noticed no visuals at first but gradually felt as if I was looking at myself from far away, I was just a small mass floating in nothing. This was interesting and every once in a while I would open my eyes and move around a bit.

A slight movement in my head produced a pronounced movement in vision. I really had no idea where my body was, I could move things and it felt as if they were flowing through some alternate universe. The left headphone felt like it was on my face even though it wasnít. Moving my arms made them feel like I was floating, sitting up just made me feel very off balanced, a bit dizzy but not nauseas. Waving a light in front of my eyes was kinda cool; it made different colors than the usual red. Reading a text message or changing the song was a bit difficult because the looking at the text made me feel a bit nauseas. I get carsick when I read so I feel like a Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) could fix this too.

With my eyes open the blinking red light on my computer screen seemed to call out to me like a beacon while simultaneously moving further away. This was neat but less interesting than with my eyes closed. With my eyes closed and the music off I felt lonely, so I didnít experiment with that all too much.

Throughout the entire experience I was focused on breathing in and out like I have been taught in yoga. I was doing this because I wanted to make sure that I didnít choke on vomit or anything like that. I would have been surprised if I had thrown up but the breathing was very relaxing. There was a bit of drip, but it was still manageable. Everything was a little bit numb, my lips, my arms, my feet.

After about 30 minutes of lying on my bed I couldnít visualize myself from far away anymore. At T+0.50 I called my friend to tell him about my experience, talking was a bit hard. I had one headphone pressed to one ear and the phone to the other, with this set up and my eyes closed my mind was split into two and I felt as if I could understand both ears at the same time. The balance issues remained for a while. At T+1.10 I got up to go to the bathroom, walking was alright but it moving around felt like I had just woken up. I went back to room and sat in front of the computer to write this up but the brightness of the screen and my room was too much and I just went back to go lay down (T+1.20). After that I fell asleep a little bit later, still feeling a bit tipsy. I slept very well and woke up feeling a bit warm and fuzzy.

Overall I would describe it as the dissociation of nitrous, with out the euphoria, plus a few drinks. Music was very interesting. Iíll try again, probably K-Hole, but this wouldnít be something I would do incredibly frequently, I certainly enjoy Shrooms, DMT and 4-Aco-DMT more.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89549
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 4, 2015Views: 20,251
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